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Our team has experience in the provision of management and business advisory services across a wide array of sectors.


Our services typically include governance and operational performance advice and review, program and policy evaluation and development, stakeholder engagement and whole-of-life asset management advice, planning and implementation. Project examples include:

  • Program and policy evaluation and development

    • Evaluation of the effectiveness of state-based film and television grant programs

    • Development of program options, including management, investment and delivery solutions for visitor infrastructure across national parks

    • Policy assessment and evaluation of asset investment and renewal programs across a number of premier cultural institutions in Victoria and NSW

    • Evaluation of the effectiveness of investment in local marine infrastructure

  • Design or evaluation of Governance arrangements, operational performance and output requirements

    • Evaluation of the performance and governance arrangements of a critical emergency coordination centre during a major natural disaster event

    • Service requirements and constraints mapping for a series of significant Defence base upgrades in Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia

    • Regulatory impact assessment of a potential night time curfew on two of Australia’s largest aviation hubs

    • Service quality and cost benchmarking for a major Australian emergency services agency

  • Stakeholder Engagement

    • Management and co-ordination of community meetings to discuss potential arts-precinct development opportunities

    • Engagement of central agency representatives in the development of feasibility reports and business cases to support funding submissions for land development options

    • Engagement of regulators on behalf of our clients to discuss service and operational initiatives and output / service cost reviews for energy and water supply networks

    • Management and co-ordination of inter-agency and industry representatives in the development of economic and related feasibility studies for multi-modal transport initiatives​

  • Strategic Asset Portfolio Management including:

    • ​Development, costing and implementation of a strategic asset management system for a major tourist attraction and events space in Melbourne

    • Development and  implementation of a new approach to investing in built-assets which drives better customer and user service outcomes across portfolios

    • Development of asset guidance materials and Asset Management process mapping



Aalto’s Directors have participated in or led numerous projects across various sectors, and have provided analytical and advisory services at different phases of a project's life cycle. Our services include strategic need and policy analysis, options development and comparison, and detailed value for money appraisal, including detailed socio-economic, financial and risk modelling and analysis.

​These services are often utilised in the development and delivery of different products for our clients, including strategic assessments, feasibility studies, options reports, business cases, public sector comparators (PSC), benefit management and benefit realisation plans and post-implementation reviews.

Project Examples of Include:

  • A strategic assessment of the need to upgrade a regional performing arts centre to meet community needs

  • Development of a detailed model to guide decision makers about the potential uses and disposal methods for large land parcels for potential agricultural, industrial and/or residential use in rural Queensland

  • Detailed financial risk modelling to determine a Commonwealth department's contingent liabilities associated with contaminated land holdings across Australia

  • An investment needs assessment and policy analysis of a statewide network of national park visitor infrastructure

  • Assessment of the return on investment from a major marina proposal on the NSW South Coast

  • Assessment of the viability of an industry expo event to support the provision of affordable social housing


Business cases are one of the most common products required by our clients and are typically developed to help public or private sector clients obtain approval from an investment committee to proceed with a major initiative. They combine many different elements of an  investment appraisal into a single coherent document, in order to inform and facilitate decisive action.


A robust business case requires stakeholder mapping and engagement, problem definition, option analysis, cost benefit analysis, risk analysis, quantitative cost estimation, deliverability analysis, governance and procurement planning.  Successful business cases are able to clearly draw together the need, benefits and deliverability of an initiative into a compelling and evidence based narrative.

Our business case experience covers many different sectors, including the following:

​Business cases for Social Infrastructure and Defence initiatives: 

  • Development and preservation of arts, cultural and heritage precincts, to deliver public cultural and economic benefits. Recent examples in South East Queensland, Victoria and Sydney,

  • Provision of additional insurance allowances to facilitate major travelling exhibitions for a major Australian Art Gallery

  • Digitisation of a state government property data management system to improve the efficiency and accuracy of property transactions

  • Restoration and enhancement of Victorian and NSW State Libraries, to expand their reach, deliver greater public benefits and install new technology, including recent work in Victoria and NSW

  • Options for to improve the capacity and quality of collections storage for government-held art and cultural materials

  • Funding to upgrade research infrastructure and major universities across Australia to enhance capability and deliver economic benefits, including Universities in Victoria, South Australia, Queensland and NSW

  • Upgrading a police station on an Australian Offshore Territory, to meet evolving service delivery needs

  • More than a dozen major projects to upgrade, expand or renew elements at Defence bases around Australia to address new capability-related requirements and maintain existing capacity, in line with Defence White Papers and other strategic policy documents


Business Cases for Transport initiatives including:

  • Transport infrastructure projects, including road tunnels, duplications, bridge reinforcement projects, freight bypasses and others to address congestion, improve local amenity, improve efficiency, safety and environmental quality

  • Rail station upgrade projects to provide enhanced user experience, safety, security and capacity

  • Train control centre upgrades, to deliver more efficient, higher capacity network management

  • Airport terminal upgrades to meet Level of Service (LoS) requirements

  • Rail fleet Upgrades to meet the  needs of a growing city

Environmental and Resource Management Business Cases, including:

  • A major water supply and delivery infrastructure proposal in rural Queensland

  • Rehabilitation of a large parcels of contaminated land to address public safety risks and support the resolution of a long standing land claim in the Northern Territory

  • Restoration of a former minesite in the NT to address onsite and offsite environmental contamination and wider social impacts

  • Detailed planning and delivery of measures to minimise the risk of major flooding in catchments throughout eastern Victoria

  • Expansion proposals for private sector resource developments in Queensland and South Australia

  • Management proposals for the long term management of hazardous waste for a Commonwealth client.

Investment & Appraisal Advice
Business Case



Our team has led a range of projects focused on the development and appraisal of procurement and funding alternatives, assessment of deliverability and post project assessment including:

  • Preparation of a bankable feasibility study for expansion of a coalmine in South Australia

  • Commercial analysis of a proposal to receive, store and dispose of Class 7 hazardous waste

  • Commercial risk analysis of options to strengthen and extend the life of one of Australia’s iconic bridges

  • Analysis of alternative procurement options for a state government arts agency

  • Funding option analysis and procurement options assessment for a major new urban roadway

  • Procurement risk assessment for a new urban development precinct

Procurement & Delivery
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